Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pretty fresh for City Crab

Wanted to cap off our weekend with a dinner out so busted out the old Diner's Deck. City Crab is nearby and we were in the mood for seafood so City Crab was an easy decision. We were seated upstairs across from this dude:
Attack of the Giant City Crab

Oyster Sampler

Steak & Crab

Angry Dungeness Crab
We started with the Oyster sampler- 4 of each Fisher's Island, Fanny Bay, and the James River. Fresh & delicious. The Mr ordered the Steak & Crab and was very satisfied. As for me? My eye spied a crab dish starred as "very, very spicy" including jalapeno, serrano, and habanero peppers, so you better believe that's what I ordered. It was spicy and delicious, but incredibly, incredibly messy. I mean, think how messy eating crab is by itself- now add in tomato sauce. Yep. There you go. Thank goodness for the bib and that they sat us upstairs because I was a hot, crabby mess. In the end it was just far too much work & embarrassment to be worth it, would love to see this sauce used for something slightly less hands on.

Overall the food was good, but pretty pricey. Next time we are looking to spend this much money on a meal I see us choosing a fancier outing.

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