Saturday, December 4, 2010

We Try Braai

We were headed to midtown for the evening so pulled out the Hell's Kitchen cards from our new Diner's Deck. I've been wanting to try a new cuisine lately so I chose Braai an African restaurant. Had mixed feelings when we walked in because on one hand I was loving the thatched arched ceiling mixed with contemporary place settings, but it also had a bit of an off smell.

Ribbetjies (Pork Ribs) char-grilled pork baby back ribs with soft spinach, truffle-coconut polenta pap & rooibos-chocolate glaze

Chicken Bobotie ground chicken, baked in Malay curried chutney with an egg topping

Malva Pudding traditional soft sponge pudding, caramelized banana & vanilla ice cream on a bed of granadilla-amarula custard

The food was good and we enjoyed the experience- new cuisine, great ambiance, sweet and authentically South African wait staff, but I don't see us coming back (perhaps my experience was a bit tainted by the slight sour mop-ish smell). The pudding was without question the best part, if you are headed there be sure to order it.

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