Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Great Company at NY Burger Co

Bowery Burger with Onion Rings

Turkey Flatiron, no bun
What we like about New York Burger Co is that it's across the street and offers healthy burger options. All of their burgers are available as beef or turkey. They also have chicken sandwiches and a house made black bean burger (a little crumbly though). And as you can see above, if you are being a lame-o and opt out of the bun, they will serve up your burger in a nice little dish with your lettuce & tomato.
Sauce Bar

But what we really like about this place is the condiment bar. Some of our favorites are the Spicy Ketchup, Pesto, and the Curry Mango. These sauces make each bite unique.

They aren't going to win the title of 'Best Burger in NY', but these reasons make them compelling enough for us to come back for more!

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