Thursday, March 31, 2011

Overdue Momofuku Review (+ Pommes Frites)

It's The Mr's birthday week, so of course we were headed to Momofuku Noodle Bar. I then realized to my complete shock and horror, that we somehow do not have a Momofuku post up! How? What?! Why! So many questions, so few answers. So here my friends, is the much overdue Momofuku Review.

Pork Buns
*sigh* Even though we were just there I miss these little guys already. The bun is so heavenly soft, like what I imagine clouds to feel like. Then the salty, fatty pork is accented by the crisp, fresh cucumber. With just a dash of their hot sauce this is one or two bites of pure bliss.

Brisket Ramen
Now normally we split the Momofuku Ramen, but we'd never seen Brisket Ramen on the menu and we were intrigued. It's a much smaller portion (which is good if you don't have someone to split with). It was very good and we enjoyed it a lot, but I don't think we'd choose it over our beloved classic Momofuku Ramen again. Although their ramen gets a lot of flack for not being 'authentic' by the purists, it is one of our absolute favorites in the city, and we have suffered through many a long wait time to fulfill our craving.

Pommes Frites
The Fries
Since we were expecting the larger portioned ramen we had a bit of room in our stomach. We originally just planned on getting some soft serve, but then I was struck by inspiration. We have been wanting to try Pommes Frites for the past year, but we usually find ourselves either hungry for a full meal or totally stuffed when we are in the East Village. The opportunity to try these famous fries had finally presented itself. Similar to Burger Co, the story here is aaaaaallll about the sauces. We chose the Curry Ketchup, Rosemary Garlic Mayo, Mango Chutney, & Truffle Mayo. At this point the fries are just a utensil for these delicious condiments. If you find yourself wandering around the East Village hankering for a snack, this is your place.

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