Saturday, May 12, 2012

New England Edition: Bahama Breeze

Truffled Yuca Fries
After a thrilling evening of indoor skydiving at SkyVenture in Nashua, NH, we were absolutely famished. We asked one of the dive instructors where we should grab some dinner and he enthusiastically suggested Bahama Breeze. Even though it was just five minutes down the road, it was in Tyngsborough, MA. After living in Texas for a long time, crossing state lines feels like a big accomplishment and New England gives you a lot of cheap thrills.
We walked in to a magical corporate tropical getaway. I use corporate in the best possible sense of the word in this case, you know, like Disneyfied. Our first order of business was to order some refreshments from their extensive and exciting drink menu. Next, I glanced at the appetizer menu and saw the words "truffle oils" used in conjunction with "yuca fries" and immediately knew what we were starting with. They came out fast and piping hot from the oven served with a yummy guava ketchup. Oooooh yeah.

I thought I was going to get a small main dish by ordering the Tostones with Chicken appetizer, but the serving was a HUGE platter. Really good for sharing, a bad situation for one person to attempt to eat by herself (don't worry, I didn't finish it). The plantains are layered with chicken, sweet peppers, mushrooms, onions, cheese, and fresh tomato salsa- aka plantain nachos! Awesomesauce.
Tostones with Chicken
And since we were in paradise, The Mr. got a cheeseburger.
Portobello & Manchego Cheeseburger
This plain is definitely chainy, but we really enjoyed it. Oh and, in case you think all they serve is fried foods, that's just because we ordered like pigs. They also had a lot of healthy options such as grilled fish and special low calorie drinks!

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