Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Stonyfield Farm's Chelsea's Table off to a Rocky Start

Roast Beef & Tomato Soup
I walk by Pier 62 almost every day on my way home from the gym, so was very excited to see that Stonyfield Farms Chelsea's Table restaurant had finally opened. I quickly rounded up my coworkers on an outing to go scope it out.

We ordered our sandwiches and waited for them to call our names. After all my coworkers had their sandwiches for several minutes, despite ordering first, I figured they must have called my name and I missed it, so I went to check out the situation. Nope, they hadn't even started it yet, as there was seemingly no rhyme or reason to the order they were taking the tickets. I also noticed that the guys were pretty frantic, although there was only a handful of people there. So obviously they still need to figure out the sandwich bar kitchen.

Once we got our food, we headed down to eat it at a table at the end of the pier to enjoy our spoils by the water. A wonderful perk of this place. They also have two levels of seating inside, so I think they will do great business in the summer with all the visitors to the park. I just hope they get over the growing pains fast.

Chelsea's Table
5/26/12 Update: Went for after workout salads and smoothies with a girlfriend. Also ordered a coffee, but they never put the coffee out the whole time I was there. Again, a nice little cafe, but really have some kinks to work out.

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