Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Alewife: A cure for what ails ya

Tonight Alewife held a "Grand Opening" party and invited Bloggers and other Industry folk to check out the scene. I put "Grand Opening" in quotes, because the bar has actually been open since last fall, but Patrick Donagher just joined the team and has breathed a bit of new life into the project.

Hearing the words "craft beer" and "food" The Mr. agreed to joined me with very little hesitation. However, when we got in the subway and he asked "So, where is this place" and I replied "Queens", there was some hesitation. But 20 minutes later we were at the door and both a little surprised at just how easy the commute from Manhattan was.

Alewife has a great rotation of craft beers, so it was hard to choose, but I settled on the Stone Brewing Old Guardian Barleywine and The Mr. chose the Green Flash IPA.

After a few beers, we needed something solid in our stomachs so were pretty excited to see platters of wings and roast beef sandwiches put out. The chicken was moist and slid right off the bone, definitely a few notches above your standard pub fare. We also loved the garlic fries- this is our favorite fry-style.

Chicken Wings

Roast Beef Sandwiches

It's so nice to find a place with good food and even better beers with plenty of room to kick back and relax with friends. Definitely worth the easy subway ride out to be slightly less jostled while you drink your beer. And if you live in Queens...why are you not there right now?

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