Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Hard to Stay Skinny at Skinny's Cantina

Chips & Salsa

We were in Long Island City for a Grand Opening Party at Alewife, but The Mr. was on a temporary non-meat-eating kick (long story), so afterwards we decided to walk down by the rapidly developing  waterfront to find some more grub. We passed a Mexican cantina and The Mr. suggested we try it out. My initial reaction was 'heck, no', since I find myself disappointed with even the well-researched Mexican places in this city. But then I realized- Totto we're not in Manhattan anymore, this is Queens! So we decided to give it a go.

We ordered some micheladas and started digging in on the chips and salsa. The chips and salsa were great, but we were disappointed when our waitress came back to tell us that they were out of michelada mix. Oh well, we ordered some replacement cervezas.

There wasn't a cheese enchilada on the menu, but The Mr asked if they could make one and the staff was super accommodating. The plate that appeared was as tasty as it was beautiful to behold.

Cheese Enchiladas

The Whole Enchilada
We were very happy with our find until the end of the meal. Our waitress who had been great all evening went totally MIA and we had to go up to the bar to ask for the check. When she brought it, it wound up having the micheladas that we never received AND the beers on the check and we had to hunt her down again to correct it. She corrected it and then dropped off the new check without a word. At the very least an apology was in order and I think it's fair to say many servers would take off the beers.

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