Monday, June 18, 2012

Sarabeth's is a Solid Bet

Tomato Soup & Scone
I work near Chelsea Market and wind up going to grab lunch there at least several times a week, but I never realized that Sarabeth's has a lunch menu. One day, my coworkers popped in through a little door that I had never really paid attention to, so I decided to follow. Everyone in there seemed to know about the secret menu and were mysteriously placing orders for sandwiches and the like. I asked the cashier for a menu, and voila, the secret was unlocked. 
One of my coworkers suggested the Tomato Soup, so I went along with that, but also couldn't resist the  thick, flaky scones I eyed in the display case, so I got one of those for an afternoon snack. The tomato soup wound up being incredibly creamy and would more aptly be described as a bisque. In fact, it was just too rich for me, especially on a nice spring afternoon.

With my afternoon tea, I tried out the scone. Again, it was just too rich for my palette. It left a thick shortening like coating in my mouth that I just couldn't enjoy. Now keep in mind, that I generally eat a low fat diet, so this may not be an issue for some.

I will probably try Sarabeth's again at some point, but stick with the sandwiches. There's a grilled vegetable panini that will probably suit my tastes better.

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