Monday, July 23, 2012

Everything's Rosy at Rosa Mexicano

Had a team lunch at Rosa Mexicano today as part of a team building outing. Once we walked in we were faced with a giant waterfall wall with tons of miniature cliff diving figurines- pretty neat. Our hostess led us up the stairs to the second floor, where we were treated to a pretty decent view of Lincoln Center. It's an impressively big space which is refreshing for NYC, but also gives it a decidedly chainlike feel.

Like any decent Mexican restaurant, they offer tableside guacamole, which we took them up on right away. They asked us if we wanted mild, medium, or spicy and we decided to go with one mild and one spicy to accomodate everyone in our group. Unfortunately, we could not for the life of us tell the difference. The 'spicy' one was incredibly tame.

I ordered the Duck Enchiladas which were incredibly rich, but pretty tasty.

Duck Enchiladas
I also took this picture of my coworker's fish because I loved the presentation in the adorable mini skillet.

Overall this was a solid restaurant. Not one that I'd actively seek out, but a good pick if you are looking for something around Lincoln Center and don't mind a little bit of chainlike ambiance.

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