Thursday, July 12, 2012

Let Me Tellya About Donatella

Came to Donatella tonight with a girlfriend. Have always been intrigued to try pizza outta that glitzy gold oven. We really enjoyed the ambience and settled in for a nice meal.

Squash Blossoms
We started with the stuffed squash blossoms which were nice, but we both agreed just had too many different flavors going on and kind of lost its way.

Sumer Pizza
For our main we went with a stone fruit and prosciutto pizza. We really enjoyed the combination of sweet and savory on a pizza- very different. Unfortunately, the crust was quite soggy.

Rainbow Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich
For dessert, we tried the Rainbow Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich. My friend found the almond flavoring simply too overpowering and after a bite decided to opt for Pinkberry instead. I enjoyed the idea, but also found the almond a bit overdone.

Donatella has a lot of potential, but wound up falling a litte short. With stiff competition from places like Co., I have a hard time seeing myself coming back for a second visit.

Update: See coverage of the Ice Cream Sandich at Serious Eats: Daily Scoop.

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