Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Rolling Good Time at The Boil

The Boil
Tis the season for crawfish boils if you live in the South. I've been salivating over all of our friends in Texas' photos on Facebook and recently asked The Mr. if he's ever attended such an event. He had, but just remembered them being more work than worth it.

So imagine my surprise when he asked if I wanted crawfish for dinner tonight! I guess our conversation had sparked some hidden craving and he used the magic of The Internets to find The Boil. We tried to get there on the early side (before 7pm) to avoid a wait, but no such luck. We were quoted an hour wait for a party of 2.

We started our meal with the Soft Shell Crab Basket. The crab itself was just alright, but we recently had some soft shell crab at Izakaya Ten that rocked our world, so it probably wasn't a fair comparison. However, I really enjoyed the cajun fries and coleslaw that came with it.

Soft Shell Crabs Basket
Appetites whetted, it was time for the main event. We definitely wanted a Combo because we wanted to be sure to get some corn, potatoes, and sausage with our crawfish, so we chose Combo A that came with shrimp. We ordered it with Old Bay Seasoning, Medium Spicy, and threw in an order of garlic bread.

1 lb Crawfish & 1 lb Shrimp Combo
Oooooooh yeeeeeeah. It was everything I dreamed a crawfish boil would be and so much more. We had harnessed the power of the YouTube to research the best methods to eat crawfish and quickly settled upon a favorite. It involves straightening the tail and then pushing it into the head, giving a little twist and pulling out. With this method, you usually have enough tail section exposed to be able to have enough purchase to pull the entire rest of the tail out while you pinch.

 Attending a crawfish boil was never something I thought I'd do for the first time in NYC, but it was incredible. My only complaint was the scarcity of corn and potatoes in the mix, however, that didn't put too much of a damper on our evening. We left in a state of food euphoria.

The Aftermath

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