Monday, August 5, 2013

Flex is So Strong

Thai Mussel Pot
We've been enjoying the heck outta Mussels this summer at our local favorite spot Mrkt. Today we happened to be walking around Meatpacking when the Mussels craving hit, so we decided to head to Flex Mussels which I'd heard good things about and was much closer. I wanted to eat outside since it was such a perfect day, but one glance inside and I changed my mind.

I was enchanted by the backlit countryscape at the back of the restaurant which was a truly perfect setting for the meal we were about to enjoy. Unfortunately, I only had my phone with me, so these were the best pictures I could get, but Flex was too good not to blog about.

We started with a half dozen Lil Sharkeys (PEI Oysters) which were fantastic. Then it was time for the main event, the mussel pot. We chose:
  • THAI | curry coconut broth, lemongrass, kaffir lime, coriander, lime, ginger, garlic
...and hooooooly mussel pot, Batman! When we finished the mussels, we started soaking up the leftover broth with bread. When we got too full to eat more bread, we started eating the broth with a spoon. Every. Last. Drop. That's why the most appropriate picture of this meal is the one above- we cleaned house.

We really enjoy Mrkt, but this place blew it out of the water and unfortunately for them, Flex will be our new go-to Mussel spot.

Flex - Interior

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