Monday, August 5, 2013

Tasting the Rainbow at Big Gay Ice Cream

{ Big Gay Ice Cream Shop }
After an incredible dinner at Flex Mussels, I wanted to continue a perfect evening, so I dragged The Mr. over to Big Gay Ice Cream Shop. I've been hearing about how amazeballs it is for years, and tonight was my night.

We got in line behind a super hip tourist family who thought it was the coolest ice cream shop they've ever seen. But then again, it probably is. Together, we agonized over what to order, which was made slightly easier since they were marking things as "Sold Out" very quickly. We independently settled on "American Globs" which is Vanilla Ice Cream with Pretzels and Sea Salt dipped in Chocolate.

Yeeeeeeep. It was every bit as magical as the unicorn on the window would lead you to believe. Can't wait to go back and experience "The Salty Pimp"!

{ american globs }

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