Saturday, March 22, 2014

Philadelphia Edition: Devon Seafood Grille

Devon Seafood Grille: Oysters
We found ourselves having an impromptu getaway to Philadelphia and were hungry at that odd post-lunch / pre-dinner hour. We knew we wanted to have dinner at Barclay Prime, but they didn't open until 5pm so we bided our time with some drinks and oysters at Devon Seafood Grille. Great ambience and a fantastic server, but a couple of things kept this place from being a solid 5 stars:

Devon Seafood Grille: Biscuit

1. Bartender flubbed on The Mr's Old Fashioned- stick to non-mixed drinks (my glass of Rose was perfect)
2. Oysters not properly shucked. However, the oysters themselves were fantastic and I really enjoyed the habanero kick in their mignonette.

Minor infractions that are definitely not something you should avoid this place for by any means, I was just surprised to find at a fine dining establishment of this caliber. We still really enjoyed this little detour!

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