Saturday, March 22, 2014

Philadelphia Edition: Village Whiskey

Village Whiskey: Round 1
We were enjoying some wine and snacks at lovely Tria when I noticed that I had something bookmarked 1 block away. When I realized that it was Village Whiskey which I read on my friend Lee's write up of the 21 Best Whisky Bars in America, there was no question that we needed to extend our evening a little longer so that we could check it out.
We ordered our first round: a Commodore (Bourbon, Orange Bitters, Lime, Demerara Sugar, Mezcal Rinse) for me and an Old Fashioned for The Mr. We noticed that the menu said "bottled in bond" and we asked our bartender what that meant. That kick-started a whiskey knowledge dropping which we completely delighted in. We LOVE mixologists who totally geek out over their craft. 

For our second round, we told our bartender that we love bourbon and would like something involving their house made bitters and told him to have fun mixing up a special drink for us. And he did. We wound up closing the place down and our only regret was not having arrived earlier. Next time we come back we will definitely come when the kitchen is open and stay longer!

Village Whiskey: Round 2

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