Saturday, March 22, 2014

Philadelphia Edition: Tria

Tria Wine Bar
We had a lovely, yet very early dinner at Barclay Prime and several hours later found ourselves ready to explore Philadelphia's night life. We headed over to Time since it was recommended by the Honorable Judge Jon Hodgeman, but found a long line outside and were in the mood for something much more relaxed. We wandered all around and were about to give up and retire back to our hotel room when we walked by the window of a quaint little wine bar.

We stopped in to Tria for a couple of glasses of wine and were immediately drawn to the Truffled Egg Toast on the menu. This simple little dish completely knocked our socks off. 

Tria: Truffled Egg Toast
Greatly encouraged by the high quality of this dish we ordered a couple more off of the Bruschetta menu: Brie de Nangis with Allagash Cherries & Truffled Mushroom with Fontina.

Tria: Brie de Nangis with Allagash Cherries Bruschetta
These both followed the Truffled Egg Toast's high bar for excellence.

Tria: Truffled Mushroom with Fontina Bruschetta
We were so stoked to find such an amazing little spot completely by chance. This is definitely on the must revisit list for the next time we find ourselves in Philadelphia!

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