Thursday, April 15, 2010

Aleo? More like A-lame-o

Up until now I had been thoroughly researching all of our dining decisions like the good little maximizer that I am. Tonight we decided to let our hair down and just try one of the restaurants that are on our way home. Enter Aleo. Cute little Italian restaurant that we pass by almost every day. We get some wine, order some of their Almond Crusted Calamari, and start with some bread. Bread is meh. Calamari comes and just seems like some average calamari, seriously not sure that almond was involved in any way. Service isn't looking to hot, but our entrees finally arrive: the Quatro Formagio Ravioli for the Mr. and Pumpkin Ravioli for me. Hmmm, interestingly the pumpkin ravioli filling tastes more like a pumpkin pie filling, not a direction I would go in for an entree. Mr. declares his ravioli fairly underwhelming. We finish our meal, somewhat disappointed and then ask for the check. Or rather, we would ask for the check if our waiter was anywhere to be found. At this point in the evening we are the only patrons in the restaurant, so why we had to get up and track him down remains a complete mystery. In summary, below average food with abysmal service. Looks like I'll be screening restaurants for a while.

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