Saturday, April 17, 2010

A feast of Ikean proportions

After moving into a new place there are always a bunch of various household goods that you find yourself needing, but don't really want to invest too much money in since you don't know what needs the next apartment will bring. Ikea is the apartment dwellers dream. The NYC Ikea is located in Brooklyn and they have their very own free water taxi to take you across the East River from Manhattan. To add to the excitement, The Mr. had never been to an Ikea before and didn't know what to expect. About 10 minutes after entering the store I hear him yell "I love Ikea!!". Excellent, mission accomplished.

And since the folks at Ikea have thought of EVERYthing, they know how hungry you are after home goods shopping for a couple of hours (not to mention after a boat ride adventure) and they've put a Swedish restaurant at the end of their showroom. Just like their furniture it is all about good quality at insanely cheap prices. Seemed appropriate to get their famous Swedish meatball plate with mashed potatoes and lingonberry sauce. We also threw in some potato galettes and a side of toast just for good measure. I washed my portion down with some elderberry juice, which was light and fresh, and then we finished it all of with a princess cake (of course). Ahhh satisfying.

But you are not done yet. There is still the warehouse section of the store and check out. After which they know you've had time to build up a bit of an appetite, so they have a little cafe that sells cinnamon rolls and soft serve frozen yogurt cones. What don't you think of Ikea? The soft serve comes in at one dollar and is a delicious guilt-free treat. The cinnamon rolls smell like heaven, but in reality are a little dry and very mediocre, but I fall for it every damn time. Obviously not everyone feels this way about the cinnamon rolls though because I see plenty of people leaving the store with them in bulk.

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