Monday, April 12, 2010

Big Daddy's Big Disapointment

Big Daddy's Diner is right down the street from us, has a fun vintage 80s themed decor, and boasts about their burgers, shakes, and tots. They even have a healthy options section on their menu! Oh how I wanted to like it. Oh how it fell sadly short.

I ordered the Rapper's Delight option from their "healthy" section, which was basically a turkey wrap. It was huge and contained some kind of mayo-based sauce that definitely didn't strike me as diet-friendly. But I guess when you are in a place that is all about tots and pie, it's all relative. Despite the addition of the unwelcome mystery sauce, the wrap was rather dry. I splurged by getting the tator tots on the side, because hey, I'm only human. Again, biiiiig letdown. Greasy, tasteless balls. Mr got the Reuben Kincaid which he described as decent (not exactly high praise) and he shared my disdain of their so called "Tater Tots".

Sorry Big Daddy, I know we're neighbors and all, but we won't be coming back for more.

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