Sunday, April 11, 2010

Stone Street Tavern Didn't Rock

After shaking off our Sangria induced stupor and meeting up with Ryan to visit to The Bodies Exhibit, we were once again, famished. Garret & Lianda played tour guides once again and lead us to historic Stone Street. After scoping out all the restaurants someone finally settled upon the Stone Street Tavern since most of us were too hungry to make a decision. We opted to get a couple of appetizers and ordered the Crabcakes & Baked Brie for the table. The portions were way too small for our group of five to comfortably pick at while waiting for our food and we each got about one bite. Not a great start. Me & my Mr split the Lobster Club Sliders, which were good. Not bad, not great, just good. The highlight here is definitely sitting outside on a nice night with a cold beer and good friends and enjoying the quaint old buildings and company.

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