Saturday, May 28, 2011

5 Stars for El Quinto Pino


Noodle Paella

Migas Aragoneses

We have found an amazing hidden gem across the street from our apartment. A teeny, tiny little tapas bar called El Quinto Pino. We went in fully intending to get some wine, but got sidetracked when we saw the frozen Horchata with brandy on the drinks blackboard. So creamy, sweet, and alcoholic!

Then we ordered the Noodle Paella and Migas Aragoneses. These dishes were each amazing in their own ways and we were blown away. This is exactly the type of spin on classic dishes we dream of every time we walk into a nice sit-down restaurant. And here they are in a small alcove barely visible from the street! 

Although we are extremely excited about this new find, we are also a bit nervous since the bartender mentioned that it is usually pretty packed and the only reason we were able to get a seat so easily is because every one is out of town for the holiday weekend.

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