Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sold on Vintry

My friend was visiting from out of town and after a quick back and forth on the Staten Island Ferry, I wanted to bring her over to soak in some of the history and booze available on Stone Street. As we walked down the cobblestones trying to decide on which tavern we should grab a pint at, we noticed a Wine & Whiskey bar called Vintry. A glass of wine struck our fancy so in we went.

We were immediately impressed by the sophisticated polish of the place and knew we had made the right decision. Our bartender was as knowledgeable as he was charming and was able to navigate us quickly to wines that pleased our palettes. We wished we had longer to spend at this delightful place, but alas, had much more of New York to explore!

Vintry Wine & Whiskey on Urbanspoon

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