Sunday, May 22, 2011

Feeling Cozy at Bosie Tea Parlor

I was wandering around the West Village on a rainy day with my dear friend visiting from out of town, when we decided we could do with a spot of tea. I pulled out my iPhone map app and was delighted to see we were a few steps away from a place called The Pink Teacup. Although it was adorable, they were not actually a place that had much tea, it was a southern food restaurant. Major letdown. So out came the old iPhone yet again and this time it guided us to Bosie Tea Parlour.

What an absolute delight! They had an amazing assortment of teas and we found it very hard to narrow our selection, but we finally settled on a pot of toasted coconut and a pot of almond chocolate. Unfortunately, we were still pretty full from breakfast, so we did not order the full tea service, but I couldn't resist a couple of macarons. In addition to your usual flavors they offered Rose and Peanut Butter & Jelly which caught my eye and stomach's attentions. Delightful!

This place is an amazing find and I can't wait to come back to enjoy their Afternoon Tea. One final note, is that this place is adorable, but not overly frilly and feminine like most tea shops, so you might be able to drag a guy into this place without him grumbling too much.

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