Sunday, May 15, 2011

Don't Miss Miss Lily's

Since we've moved to NYC, The Mr will occasionally ask if I've heard of any place that has good jerk chicken. So when I started reading a lot of rave reviews for Miss Lilly's I didn't waste much time before getting us over there. I immediately liked the vibe of the place. The decor is themed and they push the border of being kitsch, but don't go over into being cheesy and somehow make it hip. The front room's theme is counter & booth lunch spot, while the back room is music themed.

We are grooving on the ambience and our Red Stripes when our appetizers arrive: Jerk Chicken wings and Spicy Shrimp. This was messy, eat with your hands style dining and it was full of flavor and spicy heat. I was immediately transported back to our vacation in St Martin when we would eat at the BBQ shacks and started to feel just as happy and relaxed as I was then.

The Jerk Chicken entree with cucumber yogurt salad, rice & beans, jam, and plantains. It all complemented each other so well, and the jerk seasoning was really spicy. For once, I stayed my hand from piling on more hot sauce- this is the spiciest dish I have been served in a restaurant for quite some time...perhaps ever.

This meal was truly exceptional and Miss Lily's is definitely worth going out of your way for, exactly the kind of dining perfection we are always on the hunt for here at Newbie Foodies!

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