Sunday, October 13, 2013

Austin Edition: Gourdoughs Public House

Top: Ron Burgundy & Mother Clucker
Bottom: Dirty South

I was in Austin for the weekend for Austin City Limits Music Festival. After 2 glorious days, I woke up on Sunday refreshed and full of energy- especially excited for the lineup. However, I was quickly informed of the cancellation. My friends and I went through the stages of grief and when we were done decided to meet up for Brunch. Luckily, one of my friends still lives in Austin and is a foodie so knew just where we should meet: Gourdough's Public House. And so, we drowned our sorrows in DOUGHNUTS!

The Mr. agonized for a long time over exactly which Donut Burger to order, but in the end had to go with the Ron Burgundy because bacon. Also, fried egg, American cheese, chilantro, guacamole, sliced tomato, and mayonnaise. Wow. I'm just going to leave it at that.

My friend and I similarly agonized over the Country Clucker or the Dirty South. In the end we went with the Dirty South: Chicken Fried Steak, Potato Pancake, Gravy, & Cranberry Habanero Jam. Again, I think you've got all the words you need to understand what that is about. I was also super interested in the Mother Clucker, which is basically Chicken & Doughnuts. However, one of my other friends ordered that so I was fortunate enough to take a bite.

OK, so not only is the food here simply amazing, but the staff is incredible- there's just a really good vibe to the place. So we kept ordering drinks and more food and kept the party going long enough that we were able to digest enough to start thinking about a dessert doughnut.

Again, difficult decisions to be made here, but in the end we went with the special seasonal doughnut: The Smashing Pumpkin. This bad boy is piled with pumpkin mousse, caramel, sea salt, and gingersnaps and was delicious down to the last drop.

Gourdough's: Smashing Pumpkin
What an incredible treat. For the first time probably ever, I'm glad not to live in Austin, because I don't know if I could hold myself back from eating here ALL THE TIME. Austin Cardiologists, get ready.

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