Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Houston Edition: Crisp & The Breakfast Klub

Breakfast Klub: Chicken & Waffles

Traveled to Houston for work this week and was looking forward to a food detox, but that was before I discovered that the coworker that I was traveling with is an amazing Food Tour Guide. He would probably shy away from the "foodie" title, but dude knows good food. Especially when it comes to his area of expertise: pizza.

On our first night in town we met up with a former colleague to try out Crisp. This place has been getting a lot of buzz in the Houston scene for their pizza, so everyone wanted to get his take. 

We entered nice little joint in the The Heights and I was immediately excited about their beer selection. In particular, they had my beloved Live Oak Hefeweizen which I can usually only find in Austin. Between the the three of us we shared 3 pizzas: 

  1. Earl & Marle's Classic Margherita: The standard to use for pizza tasting control.
  2. San Fran's North Fork:  Pepporini, Rosemary Ham, Fennel Seed Sausage, Sicilian Olive, & Chili Flakes
  3. Taleggio Florentine: Taleggio Cheese, Spinach, Artichoke, & Crispy Onion (ordered without Truffle Oil due to companion's request)
Apologies for the lack of pictures, but I'm a little camera shy around new dining companions. We all agreed, this place served some solid pizza. Maybe not quite up to all the hype we heard, but if you put that aside we were pretty pleased with this spot.

Breakfast: The Breakfast Club

The next morning, my coworker suggested I join him for breakfast at The Breakfast Club- a suggestion I was more than happy to take. What proceeded was some damn good Chicken & Waffles in a fantastic breakfast spot with great vibes. Whatever great things you've heard about this place are true. Oh, but it's worth mentioning that I had the benefit of visiting on a weekday morning so I didn't have to stand in line in 90+ degree heat for an hour to get in. Yes. Apparently people do that.

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