Thursday, October 10, 2013

San Antonio Edition: Ocho & Dough

In San Antonio for business and a coworker led us to this charming little lounge called Ocho where we enjoyed a lunch sitting outside overlooking the river. We split the Salsa Platter which included guac and some pickled vegetables. When it came time to order, we were surprised to realize we had all chosen the Haute Hippie Torta with Black Bean Hummus, Avocado, Tomato, Swiss Cheese, and Sprouts served with seasoned potato chips.

This was a lovely little spot and the only thing I didn't enjoy is that we had to go back to work right after and couldn't sit around and enjoy a couple of cocktails here.

Ocho: Haute Hippie & Salsa Platter

In the evening, I was due to catch a bus to Austin to go to ACL for the weekend, but we found a way to squeeze something very important into the schedule: dinner at Dough. Truth be told, this was literally our first stop when we arrived in town, but found it temporarily closed due to renovations. My coworker, the pizza connoisseur almost cried and then we frantically re-arranged our schedules to make this happen.

Dough: Margherita
We would have loved to try something from their Mozzarella & Burrata Bar which my coworker assured me is every bit as good as our waitress claimed, but we had a very tight schedule so it was straight on to the pizza. We got the classic Margherita to use as a measuring stick against all other pizzas and then ordered what I am going to dub "The Brett". This is a customization of the Fontina minus mushrooms, plus calabrese chiles, & eggs. Pure bliss. The table next to us were in complete awe and ordered one too.

The only bad part about this experience is that I was in a rush to catch my bus and couldn't take time to really savor and relish in the pure pizza decadence.

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