Monday, August 22, 2011

La Bottega: A Work in Progress

Went out for a final lunch with a co-worker who is moving out of the country and we decided to mix it up from our usual lunch time haunts and try out La Bottega. It was a wonderful escape in the middle of the day to sit on their patio and enjoy a lovely luncheon.

The focaccia bread and olive oil were delicious and it was difficult restraining ourselves from ordering some wine. The waitress highly recommended the soup of the day which was some kind of eggplant puree with some kind of nut and topped with pesto. It was certainly an interesting combo, but way too rich for what I was looking for on a warm summer day.

Spaghetti Squash & Soup of the Day 
I also ordered the Cacio e pepe and Spaghetti Squash hoping to get in some healthy veggies, but boy this dish was heavy on the cheese. It was delicious, but again very rich.

Not quite ready to return to work we split a chocolate cake with vanilla gelato and some coffee. Even though the food was a bit richer than I would've liked on this particular day, everything was wonderful and it was worth a visit for the patio alone.

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