Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I Can Cook! Freshocracy Update

Update after I prepared our Freshocracy meals this week:

Grass-Fed Beef Chorizo Tomatoes Over Rice
This would've been so good with the okra! After I made it, we realized we had some frozen okra...whoops. It was still good and super easy for a weeknight meal. For some reason even the rice was amazing? Not sure why, I think this was just regular rice.

Bison Chimichurri with Roasted Lemony Red and Golden Beets & Fresh Chevre
Whoops, I cooked the Chimichurri. But, still good despite my snafu. We especially loved the beets with goat cheese and not just because they were an amazing magenta color. Will definitely be repeating that as a super easy and nutritious side dish.

Chili-Lime Poached Fluke with an Amagansett Corn-Heirloom Tomato Salad
Another great dish, even though we aren't huge fish fans. This is where Freshocracy could use a bit of improvement- some personalization or ability to 'opt out' of certain foods. Apparently, they are about to introduce a vegetarian option. We might go for that since we are a bit picky with meat.

On the right you will see sauteed beet greens. This was my contribution as it seemed a waste to throw out all the leafy greens from the beets. I was really surprised this wasn't suggested by them as they emphasize minimum food waste by providing the exact quantities you need for your meal (yet another reason I'm a fan).

The final verdict is that we loved this program and will continue to participate in it at full price ($125) every few weeks. This is actually a really good value to me considering I am getting healthy, farm fresh ingredients and saving time on shopping and finding recipes. It's also great for newbie cooks- I found the recipes to be the perfect balance between easy & quick, but having a touch of fancy.

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  1. We love this write-up -- great pictures and commentary on the meals! You're right about the beet greens, we tried to use them in the chimichurri, but we should have also recommended they could be used as a second side. So easy and healthy. Thanks for spreading the Freshocracy love!