Sunday, August 14, 2011

Bread & Gelato at Chelsea Market

The Mr and I decided to have a lazy Sunday and grab a late lunch at Chelsea Market. We go here several times a week for lunch, but are usually rushed and just go for one of our 'usual' spots. Today we decided to stroll through and enjoy a couple of places that we don't usually frequent.

First, we stopped in at Amy's Bread and picked up a mini baguette with fresh mozzarella, tomato and basil. Such a perfect, light summer lunch. Would be perfect for a picnic, but we chose to eat it right there on the spot while we people watched the other Chelsea Market visitors.

Amy's Bread
For our next Sunday afternoon treat we stopped off at L'Arte del Gelato. We really enjoyed it, but can't claim to be gelato experts. In fact, as we ate we looked up what the difference between gelato and regular ice cream. So it was a learning experience too. But other, more informed sources verify that this is some of the better gelato in NYC.

L'Arte del Gelato

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L'Arte Del Gelato on Urbanspoon

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