Saturday, August 20, 2011

Time to eat at The Doughnut Plant

Creme Brulee with a Chai Tea
Blueberry, PB&J, and Vanilla

A location of The Doughnut Plant opened up in Chelsea back in February to much fanfare. It took us a while to visit though, since we don't consider ourselves to be big doughnut people. All of that changed after our first visit and I now find myself cursing them for being a little too close to home.

Serious Eats has a great rundown of their menu which I definitely recommended checking out before you visit. I probably wouldn't have tried out the Creme Brulee if it wasn't for their suggestion and I'm glad I did. At this point I've sampled almost every doughnut on the menu and can honestly say that you're not going to make a bad decision. Whether you prefer your doughnuts dense & cakey, filled with goo, or light as air, you will find one that works for you. They also have a seriously delicious Chai Tea.

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