Monday, August 29, 2011

Lucy's Whey To Go

Grilled Cheese & Pickle Chips
I've been trying to cover more of Chelsea Market since I take for granted the fact that I get to eat here all the time. I've heard Lucy's Whey has some mean grilled cheese, so when I was in the mood for some gooey, meltedy goodness, I decided to finally stop by.
I was surprised at first that their grilled cheese selection is limited to only two sandwich options since they have tons of cheese for sale. I had kind of assumed that you would get to choose any cheese you want. But I guess, considering the high price variation on cheeses this makes sense. Also, quite honestly, with such a large selection it was kind of nice to have limited options. I got this little number which was cheddar with fig jam all grilled on a crusty flat bread. The sharpness and sweetness played wonderfully together and all my coworkers eyed my spoils with envy.

But Lucy's Whey is also a mini boutique. I was delighted to find McClure's pickle products available as well as some other local cheese accompaniments. A perfect stop for anyone putting together a gift basket or looking for a touch-of-fancy in their afternoon snack.

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