Friday, September 2, 2011

A Slice of History at Lombardi's

The Basement 
Half Pepperoni Margarita Pizza
We took advantage of our half day at work by heading over to Lombardi's to see how America's First Pizzeria stacks up. We thought we were being clever by going around 3pm in between the dinner and lunch crowds, but we were still facing a 20 minute wait (really not that bad though). After we took a quick stroll around the block, our wait time was over and we were led downstairs to our table. It didn't take us long to decide on what to order- our classic half plain/half pepperoni margarita pie.
It's clear why Lombardi's is famous and it's not just it's claim to history fame. This is definitely a good pizza, however, not our favorite in NYC. I found the sauce a bit too bland, although The Mr disagreed on that count. What we both agreed on though that the sauce was too thin for our liking. This led to it not sticking to the crust or to the cheese very well. The dough was solid and we enjoyed it a lot, but it doesn't beat Patsy's or Grimaldi's in our book.

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