Friday, September 2, 2011

No Skinny B!*&s at Rice to Riches

Finding ourselves in the Nolita area, I was excited to finally bring The Mr to Rice to Riches.  Considering rice pudding is one of his favorite desserts, this trip was long past due. 

I just love everything about this place. The flavors! The toppings! The funky, reusable containers! The snarky signs everywhere you look! Or as The Mr put it "Who knew you could have so much fun with rice pudding??" Even if you don't think you like rice pudding, I'd encourage you to try it out (unless you don't like the pudding consistency of course, that will still be a problem). This is a great place to bring an out-of-town visitor too. And if they really enjoy it, there is a kiosk built in to the wall where you can send rice pudding anywhere in the USA!

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