Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tell Everyone about Don't Tell Mama

Baked Brie with Apple Slices and Raspberry Sauce 
Fried Green Beans
To end our anniversary date night, we headed over to Don't Tell Mama to enjoy their Piano Bar evening. When we got there the crowd was light, but over the next hour it got packed. It's obviously heavy on the show tunes (I mean, hello, Theatre District), but they did a good job mixing in some oldies too. The whole waitstaff gets in on the act, which is nice since it breaks up the monotony of the one man show. 

After a few hours and several cocktails, we were ready for a snack and selected the Baked Brie. Ooooooh yeah. I mean, brie baked in dough and drizzled with raspberry sauce- c'mon. We enjoyed that so much that we decided to try another item that caught our eye- Fried Green Beans with Bleu Cheese. Wowzers. Unexpected yet delicious, this place is serving on Bar Snacks. We can't speak for their dinner menu, but at the Piano Bar we had a perfect evening.

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