Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hangin at HanGawi

 I owed my friend a dinner for her birthday and we wanted to go somewhere near Kips Bay where we were going to a movie afterwards, so we decided a trip to Koreatown was in order. I asked my friend for her recommendations and she went through a list of great restaurants, but her eyes lit up when she mentioned Hangawi, so I know that was the one.

Right away, we were impressed. When you walk in the door, you must remove your shoes and then the tables are a couple feet above floor level, but underneath is cut out so that you are sitting normally. This was awesome to me, because I love the idea of sitting on the floor in traditional Korean custom, but my Anglo body just can't take sitting cross-legged for more than a few minutes.
Kumquat Iced Tea

Spicy Baby Dumplings

We started out with some Kumquat Iced Tea and an order of the Spicy Baby Dumplings. The tea was actually a bit sweet for my taste, but I loved the ginormous, rustic bowl/mug it came in. The dumplings weren't too spicy and made a nice start to the meal.

Kimchi Stone Rice Bowl
 We both got stone rice bowls, my friend got the avocado and I got the kimchi. We both wound up adding extra spicy sauce, so no one should be worried about them being too spicy. I ate every last grain of rice, including the nice crispy ones at the bottom of the bowl. It was a truly great dining experience and I look forward to coming back with The Mr. and trying one of their many dishes featuring my favorite- pumpkin.

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