Monday, September 5, 2011


To end our Labor Day/Anniversary Staycation, we stopped by Todd English's CrossBar at The Limelight Marketplace to use a Thrillist Voucher. A lot of the articles I read when it initially opened criticized the over the top medieval theme, which is still evident in the major furnishings, but appears to have been toned down a little. I was also a little wary of the nose-to-tail heavy menu with a lot of items that we Newbie Foodies don't particularly enjoy (sweetbreads, bone marrow, etc). The menu we received was very different from the one I perused when they opened.

Gnocchi and Duck Sliders
As part of our deal we got a total of 6 craft beers and we were really pleased with the selection. We were nervous that they would try to to give us some small tasting beers, but they were good sized portions and we in fact had to leave some beer on the table! We then got to choose two small plates and we selected the Loaded Gnocci with Romanesco Broccoli, Aged Cheddar & Bacon and the Duck Slideers with Foie Sauce & Crispy Shallots. We enjoyed both, but were especially keen on the gnocchi.

Fish n Chips and Crispy Pork Belly
We then had our choice of two main dishes and selected the Fish & Chips and Crispy Pork Belly with Curry, Cucumber, & Cilantro. Both of these dishes were just alright. Unfortunately, the pork belly wasn't all that crispy. 

Overall, CrossBar was a bit of a disappointment to us since we are big fans of Olives. I have a hard time seeing it do well in Limelight due to the odd juxtaposition of the boutique clientele and the somewhat rocker vibe. Honestly, I think a place that served wine and salads or something more tame would go over much better in the location.

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