Sunday, December 22, 2013

Chez Napolean Conquers Our Hearts

Chez Napoleon: Escargots de Bourgogne

We've been on a bit of a French food kick since The Mr recently had the breakthrough that French food is not just hoity-toity food, but in fact buttery, culinary goodness. We were looking for a new French Bistro to try so I set out on The Googles and finally settled on Chez Napoleon. I was a bit nervous, because it had some very mixed reviews, but after reading through them, I felt like I had a pretty good picture of what kind of evening we were in for.

We were pretty sold immediately. It's a fairly casual place that feels very comfortable/homey. It's a family run restaurant and it definitely feels that way. We haven't been to France, but it feels authentic (for what that's worth). Waitresses with French accents. Souffle that you have to order when you sit down (aka real souffle). And best of all, Chef Grand-Mere herself seated at the bar relaxing from a day's work in the kitchen.

We ordered a glass of Bordeaux and of Cote du Rhone and the Escargots to start, we also put in our order for a Grand Marnier souffle for later. The escargots were served in ceramic snail shells which we had never seen before and thought were both cute and also practical since we wound up getting some shell pieces at the last restaurant we ordered escargot at.

For our mains we went classic and got the Cassoulet and the Duck Confit. It was everything we were looking for and more- absolutely delicious.

Chez Napoleon: Confit de Canard
Chez Napoleon: Cassoulet

Unfortunately, we don't have a picture of the souffle because we were so excited that we just dug right on in. But I can assure you it was fluffy and fantastic.

In general I'm starting to find that places with the most mixed reviews wind up being the best because they have the most character and you either totally dig it or it's not your cup of tea. Needless to say, this place was absolutely our bag and we will absolutely return soon!!

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