Wednesday, December 4, 2013

NewbieFoodies Tour East Williamsburg

Huckleberry Bar | Bacon Wrapped Dates & Mac 'n Cheese
OK folks, I was traveling light for this mini-bar crawl which means iPhone pictures in very dim lighting. However, unlike these photos, the quality of food/drinks we enjoyed were top notch. The backstory is that we had tickets to go see Then She Fell, an immersive theatre experience at Greenpoint Hospital. This was actually our second visit and last time we had dinner in Manhattan before heading out to the area, but passed so many really neat looking bars on our way. We only had time to head into one for a quick drink and decided we were really missing out by not exploring this neighborhood.

So for visit number two, we decided to do it right:

Stop #1: Huckleberry Bar

We started the evening at Huckleberry Bar. It was gorgeous and romantic and they made some exceptional drinks. From what I can tell there isn't an actual kitchen, but they have some bar snacks that they seem to whip up right there at the bar. They started making something and it smelled so delicious that we put in a request for whatever it was. It turned out to be their Mac n Cheese and it was every bit as good as it smelled. We also threw in an order for Bacon Wrapped Dates, because Bacon. Wrapped. Dates. I finished with a "Campfire Song" as my semi-dessert, although the evening was not done yet.

Stop #2: Noorman's Kill

From there we went all the way across the street to Noorman's Kil, a bar known for its extensive whisky list and for making killer artisanal grilled cheese. With high quality cheeses provided by Murray's Cheese and super fresh bread and other locally sourced ingredients, these grilled cheese sandwiches were amazeballs. 

Stop #3: Burnside

Pretty satisfied with our night so far, we headed back to the bar that we only had a few brief moments to enjoy on the first visit which turned out to be Burnside (yeah, that's how fast we breezed in and out, we didn't even catch the name of it the first time!). This time we enjoyed some beers while playing a friendly game of shuffleboard. Although we were pretty satiated at this point, I saw a lot of fuss about their Fried Cheese Curds so we decided to get an order to snack on while we played.

These were SO incredible. Salty, fried, fatty little morsels of everything you are genetically programmed to love the taste of, but is oh so wrong for you. Yeah, we were full, but ordered another batch. 

So there you have it. An absolutely perfect itinerary for an evening out in East Williamsburg. Oh and for anyone intimidated by "immersive" theatre, I would highly recommend Then She Fell as a gentle and safe introduction. 

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