Sunday, December 22, 2013

Wising up to Balthazar

Balthazar: Eggs Benedict
The Mr. has been on the quest to make the perfect Eggs Benedict so we wanted to try the best so we had a bar to strive for. I consulted with the internet and decided that Balthazar would be the best bet for a traditional eggs benedict done right.

And since making a good hollandaise sauce is just the first step to making a good bearnaise, I ordered the Bar Steak so we could try that too.

Balthazar: Bar Steak
Neither disappointed. Balthazar serves well done food in a classic New York setting. When we originally visited and reviewed Balthazar I was a bit let down. I agree with my original sentiment: the food is great, but you can get just as good food all around town without waiting 2 hours. However, having lived here a bit longer I can now appreciate that it is a NY classic and that you can't blame a genuinely good restaurant for being popular.

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