Sunday, January 2, 2011

Can't stop writing about TBSP

Ok, start rolling your eyes now, this is another post about TBSP. Normally we don't really do repeat posts of favorites because we tend to get the same things. But every time we come we order something new and fall in love all over again. Come on, a delicious brunch spot down the block where everyone is friendly, it feels homey, AND everything is organic & local? What more could we want?

The Mr got the breakfast sandwich which we haven't seen on the menu before and the fresh bread "made the sandwich". We also swooned for the hash browns which were super thinly cut and the perfect blend of crisp and soft.

I in unusual form went for the Burger with the Vermont Cheddar Cheese. I have been in my rare red meat phases and wasn't satisfied by our trip to Burger Joint. As expected a beautiful, thick, grass-fed burger appeared before me with fresh veggies on a delicious fresh bun. What really took us by surprise were the french fries. Absolute perfection. A nice crisp on the outside, soft potato within, and just the right amount of seasonings.

Hmm...those grill marks might just be a little too perfect...

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