Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Spice it is not

Eggplant Holy Basil

Pad Thai

I first went to Spice a few months ago for a company lunch and was surprisingly disappointed after hearing so many positive things about it. So when it was picked for another company outing I was hesitant, but optimistic. Maybe I just ordered the wrong thing? Maybe it was just an off day?

In the spirit of this, I ordered the Tom Yum soup again- even though I thought it was pretty gross the last time. It paid off- the soup that arrived was nothing like the soup I had last time. It went from a flavorless, pale broth with a couple of token shrimp, squid, mushroom, and tomato pieces, to a bowl chock full of seafood and seasonings. I discussed this phenomenon with a coworker and he shed some light on the subject. He revealed that he never orders the Tom Yum that comes with the lunch special and always orders the one of the regular menu. He was surprised to see that I got the regular menu version of the soup. My theory is that they ran out of the lunch special batch so were forced to use the good stuff today. Nonetheless, things were off to a promising start.

Then my Eggplant Holy Basil with Tofu stir fry arrived. Basically, chunks of eggplant & tofu, slices of green pepper & onion sloshed around in some oil. Despite it being starred on the menu to indicate a spicy dish, I thought it lacked spice and flavor.

However, The Mr and coworkers are still fans, so don't just take my word for it.

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