Friday, January 21, 2011

We drop in to Cookshop

Cookshop is essentially catty-corner to our office building, so I was surprised when The Mr pointed out that he'd never been. I had been a few times, but always left feeling a tad disappointed. I keep going back because I really love the ambiance of the place, so I really want to like it. Finally, my persistence paid off!

The Special 
Cookshop Mezze
The Mr. got the special which was sausage on bed of lettuce, apple, and mustard seed vinaigrette. I went with the Cookshop Mezze which is flat breads served with white bean puree, beets, yogurt, and 3 bean salad. Definitely one of those dishes where each component by itself was just OK, but when they were blended together on the flatbread they transformed. This was finally the level of food satisfaction I've been looking for from such a highly acclaimed eatery!

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