Thursday, December 1, 2011

F is for Fantastic: Gordon Ramsay at The London

Filet of turbot rainbow Swiss chard, crosnes, baked oxtail Champagne sauce
An out of town friend wanted to meet for dinner before seeing The Rockettes Christmas Spectacular and I needed to pick a place for dinner. Last time she was in town, she picked Perilla, so the bar was set high. I knew I couldn't just bring her to any cheesy, touristy Midtown spot. Chef Ramsay has an excellent reputation, and his restaurant at The London had fantastic reviews so it seemed like a good selection.

I walked in to the restaurant into a hopping happy hour. We were shown to our table which was quieter and elegant, yet still maintained the high spirited energy. We were on a budget, so ordered A La Carte, and I chose the Filet of Turbot. I have to admit, I didn't know too much about Gordon Ramsay other than the fact that he's the chef who yells and swears a lot, so it was nice to experience first hand the food that built his reputation. But it wasn't just the food that made this place great- the service and the ambiance all blended together to create a top notch dining experience- which was actually quite a deal considering the reasonable a la carte prices. I highly recommend checking this place out, and will definitely be keeping it in my back pocket for future pre-show dinners!

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