Friday, December 30, 2011

Loco for Boka

We intended to take our out of town guests to Momofuku Noodle Bar, but when we got there we were facing a 2 hour wait. We love our Momofuku, but when you are ready for dinner, that is just too long to wait. So we were milling about on the sidewalk discussing our options when we hit upon Korean Fried Chicken. Bingo! Luckily for us, Boka on St Marks was but a hop skip and a jump away.

We'd actually already been here once, but it was when we had just moved to the city and before the blog was in full swing. Last time we were here, I was very envious of the Watermelon Soju I saw everyone enjoying and vowed to myself that one day I would come back and make this sweet bowl of fruit and liquor mine. And so I did.

Watermelon Soju
We knew that we were going to need two orders of the wings and drumstick combination BonChon platters, so we got one spicy and one soy-garlic. We also got the Tako Balls and The King of Korean appetizers: Kimchi pancakes.

Korean Tako Balls, Kimchi Pancake, & BonChon Chicken
And since we had 3 hungry men at our table, we got the combination of meat Kkochi (aka Kebabs) to top it all off.

Combination Kkochi
It turned out to be the perfect amount of food and we walked away from our table well satisfied and just a tad tipsy from the giant bowl of watermelon soju. We were in such good spirits that we headed upstairs to Sing Sing to spend the rest of the evening singing our hearts out.

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