Thursday, December 15, 2011

Gettin Tipsy at The Tippler

Drinks & Mashed Deviled Egg Toast
I've been chomping at the bit to try The Tippler since it opened in the basement of Chelsea Market, so I was very disappointed when a bunch of my friends went one night last week, but I couldn't join them due to another engagement. We happened to be in Meatpacking tonight, so The Mr suggested we pop in for a drink so I could finally check it out.
I ordered the "Booty Collins" because hellooooo "gunpowder tea-infused Belvedere vodka, passionfruit, lemon, yohimbe, cayenne" how could I NOT? They had me at "gunpowder tea-infused". It wasn't the shot-in-the-pants experience I was expecting with that kind of a build-up, but nonetheless was a really yummy drink.

We weren't that hungry, but that changed when we saw the "Mashed Devilled Egg Toast with Prosciutto" on the Small Plates menu. Like devilled eggs? Well you are going to love them when they are smashed onto bread and topped with fancy bacon. Trust me. 

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