Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Breslin is another Ace

I've been wanting to try The Breslin almost as long as we've lived in NYC. Unfortunately, The Ace Hotel is in the weird no-man's land that isn't quite Midtown, Chelsea or Flatiron and definitely isn't too convenient to anything. We've hit up Stumptown a few times for coffee (and it would be way more if it were closer), but never happened to be hungry enough for a meal. Finally, filled with the determination of the New Year, we hopped in a cab and headed over for brunch.

As soon as we stepped in to the dining room I was immediately reminded of the sadly, short lived musical Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson. All the old fashioned trappings of an old English Pub, yet done up in a way to make it impossibly modern and hip. We aren't usually ones for uber-trendy spots, but we totally dig on the whole Ace Hotel old-timey-hipster vibe and The Breslin continues this trend.

As for the food? Well, their version of a breakfast sandwich, their Grilled Three Cheese Sandwich With  House Cured Ham & Eggs showed up on a Top 10 breakfast sandwiches in NYC list so I knew The Mr had to try that. As for me, I got their most talked about dish- The Lamb Burger with Feta, Cumin Mayo and Thrice Cooked Chips.

Lamb Burger with Feta, Cumin Mayo and Thrice Cooked Chips 
Grilled Three Cheese Sandwich With  House Cured Ham & Eggs

Holy freakin cow. The Mr heartily backed that it was indeed one of the top breakfast sandwiches he's had here in NY. As for the lamb burger- where to begin? I will often order a lamb burger, because somewhere along the line I got this mental taste-picture of what a good lamb burger would taste like. Almost without fail, I am disappointed and find it too dry, or too gamey, or just not quite what I had in my mind's taste-buds. This had finally gotten to the point that I've given up on ordering lamb. But since this dish was so raved about, I went out on a limb and not only was I not disappointed, but it tasted even better than the ideal lamb burger I had imagined. So incredibly juicy and not too gamey and perfectly balanced with the feta and red onion. In fact, it was perfect on its own, it didn't even need the cumin mayo- I added it all the same though, and it kicked it up even more. Cleverly, it was served on the side and it was also perfect for dipping the fries into. The thrice cooking process left them super crispy on the outside and full of tender potatoey goodness inside. Delicious.

All in all The Breslin surpassed it's reputation and sky-rocketed to the top of our favorite Brunch spots. We are looking forward to coming in for dinner to try their Scotch Eggs!

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