Thursday, January 5, 2012

Disney Dining: Magic Kingdom

Welcome to a special travel edition of Newbie Foodies! This week I was in Walt Disney World in sunny Orlando Florida. We elected to try the Disney Dining plan which consists of a daily Snack, Quick Service Meal, and Sit Down Meal. Here is what I ate on the first day of our trip in Magic Kingdom Park.

We were staying in Pop Century Resort and got breakfast there. They had a lot of options, but all of them were way too much food for the likes of me. I was also saving up my dining plan meals for lunch and dinner, so paid for some oatmeal out of pocket. It came with a side of brown sugar and a side of raisins. I only needed half the raisins to achieve ideal raisin to oatmeal proportions, so got a bonus half box of raisins as snack for later!

Pop Century: Oatmeal

The Columbia Harbour House was a highly recommended Quick Service dining option so when lunch time came around and we got hungry, we headed over to Liberty Square. The menu is mostly fried seafood, but I found a Hummus, Tomato, and Broccoli Slaw Sandwich on Whole Grain Bread on the menu. Also, with each Quick Service Meal you get a side, a drink, and a dessert. For my side I got a bag of potato chips which I saved as a snack for later- which meant that I didn't even use my snack credit for the day. For dessert I chose the Apple Crisp.

I was actually a bit hesitant to order the Lighthouse Sandwich since it was markedly different from their primary offerings, but was delighted to find all the ingredients were absolutely fresh. A nice lighter way to refuel for the busy day instead of feeling bogged down by greasy food. 

The Apple Crisp was amazing. Still warm and gooey, it was a real struggle to leave half of it behind, but I didn't want to be stuffed and then go on Space Mountain.

Columbia Harbour House: Lighthouse Sandwich

Our dinner wasn't technically in Magic Kingdom, but in the Grand Floridian next door. We hopped on the monorail to make our way over to the character buffet at 1900 Park Fare. They had a wide variety of offerings: soups, salads, meat & seafood, even sushi! Even though I'm really picky about chicken, I could not resist because it looked so good. And it was! So moist and tender, very impressive for a buffet.

1900 Park Fare: Dinner
They had a really impressive dessert selection too, but I was able to restrain myself enough to go with the two which most appealed to me: a mini fruit tart and bread pudding with warm vanilla sauce. Mmmmmm.

1900 Park Fare: Dessert
As for the character part of the character meal, I found it a little bit awkward as an introvert. I really recommend it if you have a child with you or you are outgoing and like interacting with someone pretending to be a cartoon character. Don't get me wrong, they were all incredibly professional and talented actors who do an awesome job, so any awkwardness felt by me was purely in my own head. 

At this dinner you get to meet Cinderella, Prince Charming, The Ugly Stepsisters, and The Evil Stepmother. At first I was really confused by the Stepsister and Stepmother situation. Who wants to meet the bad guys? But they were hilarious. Again, it's amazing how talented these people are at improving and staying in character.

I was very satisfied with all my meals, so far Walt Disney World was off to a really good start!

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