Friday, January 13, 2012

Taking Peter Luger's down a Peg

Peter Luger's Steakhouse
Since we've moved to this great city, we've heard tell of a great Steakhouse called Peter Luger's- supposedly the best steak in the five boroughs and with a burger to rival any. Unfortunately, the burger is only available on the weekday lunch menu, making it a little tricky to make it out there since we have day jobs and all. Finally, we took advantage of the Martin Luther King, Jr half day to make the pilgrimage out to South Williamsburg on the M Train.

Bread Basket & Steak Sauce
I loved the Germanic Old World Charm of the place with its unfinished wooden tables and beautiful sea ship plates. The bread was good, but we tried to refrain to save room for the feast before us. Luckily, we went with some Peter Luger veterans who knew to make sure we ordered a few slices of bacon for the table.
Oh man, they did not steer us wrong. This is no ordinary bacon, it's cut about half an inch thick and is some serious pork product. We also got a side of creamed spinach for the table which was quite good. To optimize our trip, The Mr ordered a Rib Steak and I got the Burger so that we could try both at once.

Creamed Spinach & Rib Steak

Burger & Fries
We were actually both quite unimpressed with the steak. Yes, we were shocked. In fact, it left us wanting to go get a really good steak. I also wasn't a fan of their home-made steak sauce which was essentially cocktail sauce. The burger was good. Very good. Buuuut not worlds above the really good burgers that are available back on our island of Manhattan, so definitely not worth the special trip. The fries were about average. All in all we were disappointed to find that Peter Lugers didn't live up to the legend and probably won't be coming back.

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